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Keeping You Safe During the Pandemic Using Virtual Sessions

Global Resolutions, PLLC

One of the regrettable consequences of the pandemic is that COVID-19 has become difficult to predict. Information about safety and preventive protocols changes almost daily. Global Resolutions has objectively examined the current health science regarding the virus and will not conduct in-person sessions (as much as we very much miss them) until doing so is safe and worry-free for all participants. Our reasoning is as follows:

  1. We now know people are infectious before they have symptoms, so absence of symptoms or fever does not eliminate concern.
  2. Vulnerability of each participant depends on age, immune system and pre-existing conditions, among other factors. There are too many variables to safely control.
  3. Social distancing works well outside and in large spaces. Density of people, quality of ventilation, and most importantly, duration or length of exposure are all critical factors.
  4. During in-person gatherings, the risks are greater because participants spend more time together. Six feet of spacing even with masks for lengthy periods indoors is no guarantee of safety, not to mention uncomfortable.
  5. Sessions with masks, social distancing and none of the usual amenities is less personal in our humble opinion.
  6. Participants are stressed enough about their conflicts to have health concerns superimposed on them.
  7. We do not want the lawyers we value nor their clients, staff and assistants to have their judgment challenged, or worse be liable, for failure to advise their clients about virtual alternatives or for insisting on in-person sessions when effective virtual alternatives are available.
  8. With multiple arbitrations and mediations on virtual platforms already under our belts, Global Resolutions has determined that settlement rates at virtual mediation are the same if not slightly higher than in-person mediation.

Our only concern is to provide a safe and comforting environment to all who have entered our doors and to anyone we have the privilege to work with in mediation and arbitration, regardless of what office or business setting we find ourselves. We will continue to monitor all health and safety data and developments.

We eagerly look forward to the day we may safely open our doors, meet you in person at our office or yours, greet you warmly, share a good cup of coffee, and get down to business.

Meanwhile, be safe, be well, and be kind. We look forward to seeing you virtually and do what we do best – working with you to successfully resolve conflict.


After a year under the pandemic roller coaster, we are pleased to announce that business continues on Zoom.  While we are seeing more and more individuals receiving the vaccine, we are mindful of the rules our Governor has implemented for in-person gatherings.  Notwithstanding the appearance of declining numbers of illnesses, hospitalizations and unfortunately, deaths, we must remain vigilant.  It is highly unlikely sufficient numbers of the population will be vaccinated before summer.  Being mindful of the contagious nature of the Covid-19 virus and its mutations, Global Resolutions, PLLC will continue to conduct proceedings on Zoom and adjourn in-person hearings and sessions until further notice.  Please feel free to inquire how we can tailor make your dispute resolution process to fit your needs and concerns.  Stay safe.



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