Sue Bronson Mediation Services

If you are experiencing the pain and confusion of conflict, Sue Bronson can help your search for resolution. Start early to minimize the pain and maximize the gains. 

"When people explode in anger, I try to see the hurt or fear. When I do, the rest is simply a mirror to the degree of pain. It allows people a different reaction from their  first impulse of  "But it is not true!" or "How dare you!" or "I can't hear you as I am too busy defending myself by attacking you." Compassion for myself and others is an important starting point. Yet, just because we feel something doesn't mean we are not responsible for our behaviors."   Sue Bronson

Sue Bronson provides opportunities for quality conversations and respectful negotiations. You make the decisions that meet your needs and help you to move on with your life. 



You can work it out with the help of Sue Bronson.