Sue Bronson Mediation Services

Mediation Services

Mediation can help people discuss their differences, learn new information, and make decisions. The mediator facilitates the conversation by helping you to:
  • clarify your own goals and preferences
  • identify choices, resources, and options to make fully informed decisions
  • better understand the perspective of the other person

Elder Mediation and Intergenerational Family Matters

Elder Care

Caring for the elderly is tough work in the best of families. Even good people with the best of intentions who are trying to be helpful, can cause friction. When age old family dynamics are interwoven with different opinions of the best care for Mom or Dad, things can get nasty. Sadly, divisions in the family may harden and the elderly are at risk of abuse.

Elder Mediation helps the elder and their family make decisions and resolve disputes such as acute and long term care issues, family issues, adult guardianship, end of life decisions, estate matters, and more. Mediation is an opportunity to discuss matters and create resolutions that work.

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Intergenerational Family Matters

Mediation is not only for legal issues (such as special needs trusts or dispursement of assets) but also events that have left lasting pain or anger. There are many challenges that arise among family members or between family members and instiutions that result in agrevation and sleepless nights. If you have tried unsuceesfully to reach resolution, try mediation. Bring in a skilled  "outsider" who helps you have the  difficult conversation and develop a resolution that meets your needs.  How you reach the result is as important as the goal itself.