Sue Bronson Mediation Services

Mediation Services

Mediation can help people discuss their differences, learn new information, and make decisions. The mediator facilitates the conversation by helping you to:

  • clarify your own goals and preferences
  • identify choices, resources, and options to make fully informed decisions
  • better understand the perspective of the other person

Resolve Workplace and Organizational Disputes

Workplace conflicts can reduce productivity and morale and lead to the loss of valuable employees. Ignoring generally doesn’t improve the situation. Narrowly addressing the latest incident in chronic issues ignores the larger context. If underlying attitudes and emotions are “swept under the rug” they will likely emerge again later to create new problems in other areas. Instead, you can address conflicts in a meaningful way. Sue offers a comprehensive approach to dispute prevention, engagement, and resolution.

The following services can help you manage and resolve conflicts swiftly and privately. Create the opportunity for discovery and a welcome change.


Mediation is an opportunity to talk about issues with assistance of a neutral person. Sue provides opportunities for you to be heard and understood, to gain clarity, to gather resources and options, and to make tough decisions that address each individual’s priorities (given the limits of the situation). Each person brings some information to share and some questions to ask. Together you can work it out. You decide when and under what circumstance to reach resolution.


A skilled facilitator can help groups achieve results. Groups large and small want help when discussing challenging topics. Sue is available when decision need to be made and relationships preserved. She will help the group decide whether and how to change behavior. Engage in conflict in a powerful, meaningful, honest way.

Coaching and Consultation

Disputes are generally unpleasant experiences for people deeply involved in a struggle. Positive results can be had when the focus is on creating good decisions with integrity and moving on with your life. Prevent destructive interactions and engage constructively in conflict. Sue will help you to identify strengths and areas of challenge, then develop strategies to pinpoint workable solutions. She can help you to create reasonable proposals and guidance in the negotiation dance (especially when you feel you have two left feet and no good options). Change the way conflict is handled.


Customized training for your organization, department, managers, or committee can help you to minimize expense and maximize control. 

  • Leadership for problem solving with integrity
  • Conflict management skills
  • Powerful (effective) communication skills
  • Difficult conversations and problem behaviors
  • Facilitating meetings to address complex issues
  • Stepping into the eye of the storm: Working with strong emotions

Together we can customize interventions that meet your specific needs.