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Services to Parents: Empowerment

through Education, Empathy, and Equilibrium 

Consultation Role - Team

My ultimate objective is to help support a parents functioning through the divorce transition, or any child custody proceeding, and prepare them for whatever dispute resolution processes they may face. 

Co-Parenting Role - Team

I educate one or both parents and serve as the parenting plan advisor, complete a reality check, and brainstorm to help innovate creative soulutions with high conflict parents. 

Mediator Role - Team

I work with both parents in an educational mode to help them come to a mutual agreement. The final mediated agreement is completed by an attorney. 

Comprehensive Goals

  • EMPOWER a parent with knowledge so he/she can utilize mediation more effectively.

  • ASSIST a parent to optimally "create balance" where he/she feels there is a "power imbalance."

  • EXPLAIN the possible reasoning behind the mediator's/evaluator's rationale, or explain their biases, to enable the client to depersonalize and continue to move towards resolution.

  • EXPRESS the "voice" of the neutral court professionals, who will make decisions if the parents don't reach an agreement, so the parent can make less emotional and better informed choices.

  • HELP the parent to separate the emotional issues from the legal ones.

  • FACILIATE acceptance and understanding of the available alternatives to litigation.

  • AID the parent to understand, identify, and respond to the cognitive, emotional, and developmental needs of their children.

  • UNDERSTAND the different types of parenting plans.

  • ENCOURAGE the parent to communicate more effectively with their attorney.

  • TEACH the parent to say, "Let me think" and allow him/herself time to think or ask about options that are available.

  • SUPPORT and help facilitate resolution by exploring options.


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