Building upon the foundation established over recent decades, The Mediation Futures Project will gather and report upon our best thinking about the future of the mediation field and mediation practice.

Articles by Sector

The mediation field has evolved and specialized. We suggest that there may not be a single "mediation future," but, rather, a number of distinct "sector by sector" mediation futures.

We are requesting your thoughts on what mediation should look like in the future.

We are specifically looking at what mediation trends we want to encourage and what we hope to see in the following sectors:

Business & Commercial (Contract, Commercial, & Construction)

Civil (Court & Agency)

Community (Community, Restorative Justice, & Victim Offender)

Divorce & Family (Parenting, Divorce, & Additional Family)

Elder (Treatment, Estate Planning, & Probate)

Health Care (Treatment, Privacy, & Apology)


Online Dispute Resolution (ODR Technology & Techniques)

Public Policy (Pubilc Policy & Environmental)

Workplace (Workplace, Employment, Labor, & Bullying)

Youth (Schools & Peer)

General Mediation Issues (Field-wide Issues & Trends)

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