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My varied and extensive background enables me to be familiar with a wide variety of cases.  I specialize in real estate, employment, business, community and family disputes.  If parties need a mediator with specific expertise in other areas or languages, I can invite a co-mediator or refer another dispute resolution specialist who specializes in that area. 


My goal is to help resolve your conflicts cost-effectively, successfully and thoroughly. I maintain efficient and effective use of time in order to save participants stress, time and money. Mediations can be scheduled quickly, often within a few days depending on parties’ availability and readiness. I build rapport quickly and move swiftly to identify conflict, and then facilitate a meaningful exchange so all parties feel comfortable getting right into developing viable options and agreeing on intelligent workable solutions.

I offer a complimentary conflict consultation so you can discuss your needs, expectations and preferences. There is no charge for reading briefs and on a case-by-case approval basis, payment plans and pay-as-you-go plans are available.


The participants decide how much time they want to allocate to the mediation. The first two hours are $150 per hour and each hour thereafter is the standard rate of $200 per hour. A two-hour deposit and credit card information is required to reserve your mediation date. Hourly fees incurred at the mediation must be paid at its end by check or credit card. Typically, all mediation costs will be split equally among the parties, unless otherwise agreed, or if applicable, paid directly to the responsible law firms as directed and agreed.

I help accommodate the special needs for those in conflict by making every effort to alleviate tension. After acceptance to mediate, I facilitate ease of scheduling--I set up dates, times, and the most convenient location agreeable to all.  After coordinating logistics, I expediently send notice to parties, facilitate document exchange, and ensure confirmation and communication.  From initial contact through settlement discussions, I impartially guide parties expeditiously through the whole process.


I work with parties and help ensure the space suits parties needs. I can host at several central San Diego locations throughout San Diego equipped with informal non-threatening private offices, internet access and refreshments.

If appropriate and parties agree, the parties have the option to mediate at counsel’s or at another attendee's office depending on the  space required and collective preferences. I will travel to another mutually agreeable location that offers separate confidential meeting areas and is a safe place for serious negotiations and private peace keeping talks. Often, multiple break-out rooms are used where difficult communications can happen in a non adversarial, calm, neutral setting to minimize hostility and ensures each party a private and secure environment.


Agreements typically will be memorialized in writing and signed by parties to provide a binding, final resolution to parties and their counsel’s specifications.

I assist in completing paperwork, drafting documents, forms and agreements once parties reach a mutual agreeable settlement. Parties counsel also may prepare or insert preferred language as agreed.

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