Fee Schedule

Administrative Fee

$150.00 [1]

Mediation Fee

$260.00 per hour [2]

Drafting Fee

$260.00 per hour

Cancellation Fee

$150.00 [3]

Other Forms of ADR

$260.00 per hour

[1] The Administrative Fee is non-refundable and covers such items as photocopies, postage, long distance telephone charges, scheduling, orientation materials, and clerical time.  The Administrative Fee is due and payable upon referral and my acceptance of the case.

[2] A professional hourly fee for mediation session time, plus the mediator’s work outside of the mediation session, whether for preparation of the mediated settlement agreement or for discussions with parties, their counsel, or with other persons concerning matters related to the mediation.

[3] Should it be necessary to cancel or change a scheduled mediation, 48 hours advance notice is requested.  Absent an emergency, the parties will be charged a $150.00 cancellation fee for failure to provide 48 hours notice.

McGill Law Office and Mediation Center practices mediation in Northern Minnesota and the Gulf Coast of Florida.
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