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Kimberlee Kovach has been a leader and visionary in the modern mediation and dispute resolution movement for over thirty-five years.



Ms. Kovach has conducted arbitrations for over twenty years in a variety of settings.  She has handled cases ranging from employment to health care and injury to commercial and real estate.  Kovach maintains the highest ethical standards, and manages the procedure efficiently and fairly.  She currently serves on several national Arbitration Panels.


About Arbitration


            The arbitration process, while adversarial in nature, is also designed to be more efficient and cost-effective than traditional courtroom litigation. Although arbitration is an adversarial dispute resolution process, it is less formal than the courthouse, and consequently is also flexible.  Arbitration is generally binding, and is governed by the parties contract.  As a creature of contract, most of the procedural issues in arbitration are governed by the Rules for Arbitration selected by the parties in their agreement to arbitrate.


Preparing for Arbitration


            Arbitration representation differs from the courtroom and more ‘traditional litigation’.  It is important that counsel be familiar with those differences.  Primary matters surround the scheduling orders, limited discovery and the less formal methods of presenting evidence.  It is beneficial to the process if counsel review and consider such variances in advance of the initial scheduling conference.

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