Collaborative Practice at its Best

The Craft of Collaborative PracticeCollaborative Practice at its Best: 

Really Really Understanding Interest-Based Negotiations

Join Collaborative Practice Instructor Chip Rose for over 10 hours of instruction. 

Chip Rose is back! By popular demand, Chip Rose brings his expertise to an online course.  The original course was presented at The Collaborative Law Institute 2013 Annual Forum on December 5th and 6th.   

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Interest-based negotiation is key to accomplishing the best outcomes for our clients and their families.  This advanced training will sharpen and improve our interest-based negotiation skills to give clients the best chance for outcomes that are tailor-made, durable, and responsive to the needs and interest of each family.  

This interactive and demonstrative training includes:

  • Examining the theory of interest-based negotiation and interpersonal conflict during divorce;
  • Understanding the emotional needs of the clients and how to structure a process they can use effectively;
  • The art of the question and the development of macro goals;
  • Collaborative application of interest-based bargaining principles to financial, family residence, and support issues; 
  • Ethical considerations of collaborative negotiating and client representation in an interest-based negotiation process.