"Jeff Sprowls is one of a very select group of attorneys who has shown himself to have acquired the highest level of professional competence and skills as a mediator. Unfortunately, there are not nearly enough competent, professional family mediators of any professional background.  Jeff has become one of the best mediators in the entire Greater Washington area.  I have confidence that Jeff Sprowls is and will be one of the leaders in the continued development of mediation in northern Virginia and that he will continue to provide his mediation clients with excellent, quality mediation services.  He has my highest recommendation." 
Lawrence D. Gaughan, Professional Director, Family Mediation of Greater Washington (1993) 

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind and caring approach, helping us through this process.  Your professionalism and personality were very impressive to us."  
Wife, 1996


"I have had a number of clients who have very good things to say about your Legal Aspects presentation at the Women's Center, and who have a good understanding of the legal process, the Virginia divorce laws, and the mediation process by the time they come in for their first appointment with me.  I appreciate your good efforts.  Thank you!"  

Family Law Attorney, 1996  


"I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had not stumbled into your office during the confusing and frightening time of spring 2003.  I am forever blessed to have benefitted from your fine work.  I admire you for the counselor you are to your clients."  
Wife, 2005


"I hope you realize just how good you are at what you do.  Certain aspects are obvious, e.g., your expertise and experience, and your soothing, calming manner with seemingly no effort.  But I think it is your intuition and ability to truly understand another human being who is experiencing pain, along with your innate kindness, that makes your life’s work especially meaningful to others."  

Wife, 2007


"You did a great job handling my property settlement agreement with (wife).  You are an expert at getting to an agreement between the parties.  I would recommend you to anyone who believes they can and want to work their way through an amicable separation.”  

Husband, 2009


"Although we have a long way to go, I wanted to thank you for helping us add a lot of civility to our relationship and circumstances.  For now, things have been much better in our living situation, and I am hopeful that it continues."  

Husband, after first mediation session, 2010

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