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About Tom Fuller

Tom Fuller brings to his Conflict Resolution practice more than 45 years of Legal and Judicial Experience.

Tom is devoting full-time  to resolving conflicts as a Mediator and Arbitrator in Richmond, TX. He is a retired Senior Judge, having served the citizens of Dallas County and the State of Texas for 30 years.  He specializes in Family Law, Business, Commercial, Consumer and Employment disputes in and around Richmond, TX.  He has completed over 190 hours of basic and advanced training, and holds certificates in Arbitration, Mediation, and Family Mediation. He is listed in the Texas Association of Mediators, Association of Attorney Mediators, and Texas Mediator Credentialing Association.  He holds  a certificate from the Texas College of Judicial Studies in Civil Jurisprudence and received a President's Commendation from the State Bar of Texas in Civil Law in 2012.  He is listed in the Champion of Justice Society and was awarded the Preeminent Litigation Panelist designation 2013 by Dispute Mediation Service.

His office is available to assist with mediations, arbitrations, negotiations, settlement conferences, contested hearing settlement conferences, and other alternative dispute resolution options in Richmond, TX.  For scheduling purposes, contact (469) 767-2211.


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