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Text Formatting in Mail Hub 

Follow this image for reference, and view detailed instructions below.

When you are formatting the text in the Mail Hubthere are a few steps you want to follow to ensure your text looks as clean as possible.

1) Click "Mail" in the upper-right of the home screen

2) Select the desired template from the list of stored email templates in the upper-left, or select "New Template" to create a new one. 

3) Select "Edit".  The "Edit" button will make permanent changes to your template.  "Edit & Send" will only make changes to your individual email for a one-time send, and those changes will not be saved to your template. 

4) When copying in text, you need to run it through a scrubber.  This will scrub out any extraneous text or code that Microsoft Word or other programs put in.  To do this, simply select the paste as plain text icon.  

5) If you have already copied in text and it is appearing with unexpected formatting, then highlight the entire area (including all extra space above or below your text) and press the eraser icon.  This erases that obnoxious formatting code that other programs try to sneak in.  For instance, there might be hidden code (which you can see be clicking the "source" option in the upper left of your icons) that is telling your text to appear bold, or in a specific font, or a certain size, etc. 

6) Click "Update Stored Email," in order to save your changes.