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Common User Errors

If you are experiencing issues, please review this list:

1) Multiple log-ins. If you are trying to log-in and the log-in page is showing you multiple log-in options, it means that you have used your log-in for multiple people. 

To resolve this: Contact our office and we will need to change the log-in and remove the security issue with your account. 

To prevent this: Each user needs to be associated with a unique email address. Do not use the same email address for more than one person. 

2) Unable to view uploaded documents. If your browser is telling you that it cannot open a document that you uploaded, chances are that you used incorrect characters in the title. Most browsers will not open documents that have a # sign in the title, for instance. 

To resolve this: Contact our office and give us the case ID and document title. 

To prevent this: Rename documents without any special characters before uploading. 

3) Caseload Manager is Behaving Oddly: If your screen does not appear correct, or fields are not behaving as you expect, it could be that you need to update how you are logging-in. 

To prevent this: Make sure you are viewing Caseload manager with the newest version of your browser. Also, make sure that you are logging in at https://www.caseloadmanager.com/cases