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Contact Assign

This feature discusses adding staff and participants to the Edit Case screen. 

A previous iteration of Caseload Manager had pull-down boxes for all of the different participant types. You would need to scroll through the list in order to select the right contact. 

2. The updated Contact Assign feature in Caseload Manager replaces the multiple drop-downs with an Add button. This button opens a new pop-up window. This will allow you to filter by type and last name. 

After assigning the right contact to the case, select Update Case and Back. This will allow you to see the new contact in the case. 

To add a new contact that is not yet on file, select Add names this party. If you want to remove a particpant from a case, click to open their record and then click Remove Association at the bottom of the screen. DO NOT click Delete, as this will delete their entire record including any other associations to previous cases. 

If you want to remove a staff from a case, click UnAssign or Change.