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Cascading Fields

Note: Caseload Manager has the ability to add Custom Fields under SETTINGS.

Cascading Fields allow you to cascade options from a parent field to a child field. The choice that you make on the above parent field will cascade down to the child field. In other words, select a State in the parent field, and that choice will trickle down to determine what city options are displayed in a City field.

For example, if you create a Country field, you can then create cascading State or Province fields. The options for these fields are filtered based on what Country you select.

1) First, go to SETTINGS>Create Custom Fields. Create your new custom fields. You will need to save these, then return to the screen. After you have saved a custom field, then the option "Parent pull-down" appears on the right side of the screen. Then select what fields are related. 

2) After you have created the fields, hit "continue" at the bottom of the screen. On the next screen, you determine the specific relationship with the field options. For instance, the city of Tucson should appear if the State of Arizona is selected above it. 

3) To use the fields and admire your work:
After you have set-up the appropriate custom fields and determined the field options and their relationship to above parent fields, you need to go into a case and select the correct field options. Please note that all fields are visible, and options will only appear if their corresponding field is select. In other words, Tucson will only appear in the City field once Arizona is selected as a state.