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Export to Google Calendar

There are a lot of steps here, so go get your coffee, and get ready. Make sure to save these changes so the next time you export your calendar items this will be a lot faster.

1) Begin by going to EDIT > Calendar Items


2) When your Calendar Items window opens, select the Start Date.

3) Click the Select Fields button to choose which fields you would like to export to Google Calendar.

4) After Updating your fields, click the Export link.  

You have two export options.  If you want to edit your info in Microsoft Excel, simply click Export.  If you want to export directly into your calendar, click Export as CSV.

5) A new window will automatically pop-up showing you a text-only summary of your data.  

There is no formatting on this screen, so it will look like gibberish.  Save this text field to an easy place to remember, such as on your Desktop. 

6) You can open up this information and reformat it in Excel, if you chose.  

This is helpful if you need to:

a) reformat your custom headers to match the headers Google is looking for.  For instance, Date Initiated might need to be renamed to Start Date.  Possible headers include: Subject, Start Date, Start Time, End Date, End Time, All Day Event, Description, Location, and Private. The minimum amount of header information required to import events into Google Calendar is: Subject, Start Date

b) remove any items or information that you do not want to be exported to the calendar.  This is especially important if you are exporting to a public calendar.  You need to make sure you are not exporting any confidential information.


7) Save your Excel file as a .csv file  

 8) Next, open up the calendar that you want to import information into.  

On the bottom-left, click Import Calendar. 

9) The Import Calendar window will open up.  

Click Choose File to navigate to the file you are looking for.  Also, verify that you are importing to the correct calendar.

10) If you exported as a .csv file from the calendar, it will save as Calendar(yourIDInfo).csv

11) Click Import

12) You will then get a summary of imported items.  

If you imported any duplicate items, you will be able to decide to remove these items.