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Filter for Case ID

You can add a new Case ID, different than the preset Case ID automatically set by Caseload Manager. 

This Case ID will show up in the Case Record. 

The Caseload Manager case ID number advances chronologically (5, then 6, then 7, etc.).  This allows Caseload Manager to track every case by a unique, sequential number.

There are times when you might want to track a Case by a different number. For instance, the court record locator or the Date and Type of the case opened.   

1) To use an Other Case ID, go into SETTINGS> Global Settings and determine what your Other Case ID should be called (such as Corporate Assignment).  

Then begin using that field in your Case Record. 

2)  To view, sort, and filter for this field, in the Cases Hub click Select Fields, then check that item (such as Corporate Assignment ID).  

This means that Column will show up on your home page, allowing you to easily sort by that item.