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Assigning Work Groups

Assigning people to Work Groups is another way that the Caseload Manager allows different levels of access. 

This instructional page will show you how to create work groups, assign a case to that work group, and restrict certain fields to those work groups. 

1) Setting up Work Groups

Begin on the Home Page of the Caseload Manager

2) Next click on the EDIT menu and click Work Groups

3) The Work Groups window will pop open.  

NOTE: you will only see the Work Groups that you have access to.  Click on a Group Name to edit it.  Click Add to create a new work group.  Remember, people will only be able to access work groups that they have been assigned to.  

4)  Assigning Case Fields to Work Groups

Next you will determine which fields are unique to that work group.  You will be selecting from fields that have already been created.  If you need to create additional fields then first click on Custom Case Field, and create a new field.

5) Next you will see the List Case Field Access pop open.  

This initial screen will give you a summary of all field access that has already been assigned.  To add a new access designation, click Add. 

6) To add a new case field access, you will need to first select the field and then determine the access. 

You can either use a Custom Field (one that you created) or a Regular Field (one that came pre-installed with the program).   Select the field by clicking on it (rename the field if desired).

Next determine the access.  To set access to a field by a work group, click By Group and then Select from the list of work groups. 

7) The Case Field Access list will update showing you your changes.  

 8) Assigning a Case to a Work Group

Assigning a case to a work group will allow that case to see the fields that have been restricted to that work group.  Please note that cases outside of that work group will not have access to that field. To designate a work group, click on a case record and then select the work group from the Work Group drop down menu.  Make sure you are in that work group or you will no longer be able to see that case. Click Update Case. 

9)  Once a case has been assigned to a work group, only the staff assigned to that case will be able to see it.

Open the case and notice that the fields assigned to that work group now appear in that case file. 

10) Finally, please note that you can filter your display by work groups by the drop down menu at the top of the screen.