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Billables Report

1) The Billables Report gives you an account summary and a balance due for all open cases.

This report can be exported. 

2) From the Caseload Manager home screen, click REPORTS > Billables.
You will need to choose what types of cases to include (All, Open, etc.), and choose what date range you would like this report to cover.

3) A new window will pop open showing you a billables report for all of your cases.

4) You can print the report as is, or you can click export to download a .txt version of this report. 

5) If you choose to export this file, save it to your desktop.  

Open Microsoft Excel, and create a new worksheet (unless you already have  an existing report that you would like to merge the information into). 

6) Click File >Import.  Open as a .CSV file (this is the default setting).  

In the Open screen, you might need to Enable: All Files or select File Type: All Files.  Your report should be at the top of the list, entitled "billables(ID#)_tab.txt" 

7) Click Next, Next, Finish, and OK.
(The default settings will import your information correctly.)

8) Admire your report.