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"Waiting For" Box

The upper-right of the Edit Case Record has a box entitled Waiting For.  This box has 2 primary purposes.

  1. The initial purpose of this box is to identify if there is something that this case is "Waiting For" before it is ready to be assigned to a mediator.  
    For instance, if the Intake Form has not yet been received from Party 2, then you would type "Party 2's Intake Form" in the Waiting For box. 
    This allows the Case Administrator to select "Waiting For" as a field in their home screen display, and quickly know what each pending case is waiting for before the case can be assigned.  
  2. The second purpose of writing something in the Waiting For box is to remove a case from the Cases Needing Assignment report.  
    One option is to rename the box "Not a public case."  You may do this in "SETTINGS>Edit Case Field Access". This helps Case Administrators to quickly remove a case from being visible by other mediators.