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Create an Invoice ~Sample Invoice Code~

Create Your Own or Copy the Invoice Template Below 

1) In order to create an invoice you need to create a new templace.

Begin by going to your Mail Manager, and click "New Template" in the stored templates section in the upper-left. Click "Edit." 

2) Type the name of your invoice in the subject line, such as "Invoice."  

Type your invoice in the editing section. You will need to use the following text substitutions in order to have your Invoice populate with the correct information from the case record. 

Use these Text Substitutions to Create Your Own Invoice:

Billing Method: ~billingmethod~

Case Total $: ~casetotal~

Total Paid: ~totalpaid~

Amount Owing: ~amountowing~

Override Balance Due: ~ovbalancedue~

Balance Due: ~balancedue~

All Items: ~allitems~

Sessions: ~sessions~

Total Party Payments: ~totalpartypayments~

3) Here is a sample Detailed Invoice that you can copy into your Mail Manager.  

Please send yourself a few sample invoices so that you can understand how the different items appear.  

You can begin by COPYING and PASTING this code into a new email template, then refine it as is appropriate. 


Dear ~firstname~ ~lastname~, 

Thank you for using our office to work with you on your case ~casename~.  

You currently have a balance due of ~balancedue~.

Your case is being charged ~billingmethod~. 

The total due on your case is ~casetotal~, and we have currently received payments of ~totalpaid~. 

Please remit payment for the balance ~balancedue~ shortly.

This is based upon the following sessions:


It is also based upon the following casework: 


We have received these payments from you:


We appreciate your prompt payment. 

Today is ~date~ We thank you for sending payment within five (5) business days.

Please call the office to make a payment or mail in a check with your portion of the payment.


The Mediation Office Staff