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Mediate.com has migrated to a new platform!

After many months of intense work, Mediate.com has migrated our website to a completely new platform, with many improvements to content, display, and ease of use. This migration includes a new services management interface for our clients. To manage all of your services (save for one, see below), you can now log in by going to https://www.mediate.com/login

Follow the directions at https://www.mediate.com/reset-password to retrieve your new password (please use the same email address you have used with Mediate.com).

The one service that will continue to be managed here is the Dynamic Website: If you are a client who manages a Dynamic Website hosted by Mediate.com you will continue to edit your site's content by logging in above at this very page.

We welcome your questions and feedback at https://www.mediate.com/contact, and we appreciate your patience while we transition. Thank you for being a client and we look forward to continuing to serve you!

The Mediate.com Team

Login to the new site here: https://www.mediate.com/login

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