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Books (listed alphabetically by title):

1. ADR and Settlement in Federal District Courts: A Sourcebook for Judges and Lawyers, Elizabeth Plapinger and Donna Stienstra (FJC, 1996).

2. Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Handbook for Judges, Philip J. Harter (ABA 1987).

3. Bench Manual for the Appointment of a Mediator, 136 F.R.D. 499 (D.N.J., 1990).

4. Court ADR: Elements of Program Design, Elizabeth Plapinger and Margaret Shaw (CPR, 1992).

5. Court Annexed Mediation: Critical Perspective on Selected State and Federal Programs, Edward Bergman and John Bickerman (Pike and Fisher 1998).

6. Court-Ordered Civil Case Mediation in North Caorlina: An Evaluation of Its Effects, Stevens H. Clarke, Elizabeth D. Ellen and Kelly McCormick (SJI, 1995).

7. Designing Conflict Management Systems, Cathy A. Costantino and Christina Sickles Merchant (Jossey-Bass 1996).

8. Dispute Resolution and the Courthouse of the Future, Larry Ray and Prue Kestner (ABA, 1988).

9. Dispute Resolution and the Courts: An Annotated Bibliography, compiled by Deborah Croom (NIDR 1989).

10. Guide to Court-Related ADR, Office of Research, State Bar of California (1993).

11. Guide to Judicial Management of Cases in ADR, Robert J. Niemic, Donna Stienstra and Randall E. Ravitz (Federal Judicial Center, 2001).

12. Guidelines for Establishing Court-Connected Mediation, Evaluation and Conciliation Services, Phil Bushard, Ed. (AFCC, 1993).

13. Judge's Deskbook on Court ADR, Elizabeth Plapinger, et al. (CPR 1993).

14. Judges Guide to ADR, Center for Judicial Education and Research for California

15. Manual of Dispute Resolution: ADR Law & Practice, Vols. 1 & 2, Edward A. Dauer (Clark Boardman Callaghan 1996).

16. Manual on Alternative Dispute Resolution for Court-Appointed Arbitrators and Mediators, (D. Utah).

17. Mediation: Law, Policy & Practice, Vols. 1-3, Sarah R. Cole, Craig A. McEwen and Nancy H. Rogers (West Group 2001).

18. Monitoring and Evaluating Court-Based Dispute Resolution Programs: A Guide for Judges and Court Managers, Melinda Ostermeyer and Susan Keilitz (NCSC, 1997).

19. National Symposium on Court-Connected Dispute Resolution Research (National Center for Courts, 1994).

20. Presenting Dispute Resolution to Judges, SJI-95-02B-E-002