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Articles and Reports:


1. John Lande, Using Dispute Resolution System Design Methods to Promote Good Faith Participation in Court-Connected Mediation Programs, 50 UCLA L.Rev.69 (2002) [View Article]

2. Court ADR 25 Years After Pound: Have We Found a Better Way? - Judge Wayne Brazil - Ohio Journal on Dispute Resolution Volume 18 2002 Number 1

3. Culture Change? A Tale of Two Cities and Mandatory Court-Connected Mediation - Dr. Julie Macfarlane - Journal of Dispute Resolution Volume
2002, No. 2

4. Nancy Thoennes, Mediating Disputes Involving Parenting Time and Responsibilities in Colorado's 10th Judicial District - Assessing the
Benefits to Courts, August 2002 (may be available on Colorado Supreme Court website)


Additional Resources:


1. Alternative Dispute Resolution, FJC Directions, No. 7 (December 1994).

2. Alternative Dispute Resolution in a Bankruptcy Court: The Mediation Program in the Southern District of California, Steven Hartwell and Gordon Bermant (FJC, 1988).

3. Alternatives to Litigation: Do They Have a Place in the Federal District Courts? Donna Stienstra and Thomas Willging (FJC, 1995).

4. The Appropriate Resolution of Corporate Disputes: A Report on the Growing Use of ADR by U.S. Corporations, David Lipsky and Ronald Seeber (ICR, 1998).

5. Court-Annexed Arbitration in Ten District Courts, Barbara Meirhoefer, (FJC, 1990).

6. Court-Mandated Alternative Dispute Resolution: What Form of Participation Should Be Required?, Edward Sherman, 46 SMU Law Review 2079 (Summer 1993).
7. Ensuring Competence and Quality in Dispute Resolution Practice, (SPIDR, 1995).

8. An Evaluation of Mediation: An Early Neutral Evaluation Under the Civil Justice Reform Act, Jim Kakalik, et al, (RAND, 1996).

9. Fitting the Forum to the Fuss: A User-Friendly Guide to Selecting an ADR Procedure, Frank Stander and Stephen Goldberg, 10 Negotiation J. 49 (January, 1994).

10. The Impact of Court-Annexed Arbitration on the Pace, Cost and Quality of Civil Justice in Clark County, Nevada, John S. DeWitt, Shirley A. Dobbin and Sophia Gatowski (SJI, 1993).

11. Mandated Participation and Settlement Coercion: Dispute Resolution as It Relates to the Courts, (SPIDR, 1991).

12. National Standards for Court-Connected Mediation Programs, (Center for Dispute Settlement).

13. Qualifying Dispute Resolution Practioners: Guidelines for Court-Connected Programs, (SPIDR, 1997).

14. Report to the Judicial Conference Committee on Court Administration and Case Management: A Study of the Five Demonstration Programs Established Under the Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990, Donna Stienstra, et al. (FJC, 1997).

15. A Report to the Minnesota Supreme Court: The Impact of Rule 1.14 on Civil Litigation Practice in Minnesota, Bobbi McAdoo (1997).

16. Voluntary Arbitration in Eight Federal District Courts, David Rauma and Carol Krafka (FJC, 1994).