Eileen Coen

Eileen Coen

An attorney mediator, Eileen Coen devotes her practice exclusively to family and divorce mediation. Eileen Coen Mediation, LLC, located in Bethesda, Maryland serves individuals and families throughout Washington, DC and Maryland and Virginia suburbs for divorce, separation, custody, property settlement, child support, spousal support, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, and other issues unique to families. Eileen is also a trained conflict coach and consults with individuals, family members and business partners to resolve disputes and protect their most important relationships.

Eileen is a Certified Mediator by the Maryland Council on Dispute Resolution (MCDR). She is an Assessor for MCDR’s performance-based certification program and currently serves as Chair of the Certification committee. She is a Professor of Law, teaching Mediation courses at the University of Baltimore. Formerly, Eileen was an attorney for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Southeast Asia, gaining expertise in cross-cultural communication that is invaluable in her current mediation practice.

Eileen has been engaged in private mediation practice since 2005. Prior to founding Eileen Coen Mediation in Bethesda, Maryland, Eileen mediated hundreds of family and workplace cases in DC and Maryland courts and various public, private and government agencies, including Montgomery County District Court, Baltimore Circuit Court, DC Superior Court, the Maryland Commission on Human Relations, the Key Bridge Foundation, NASA and the US Department of Energy.

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