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What are the costs of mediation?
Fees are negotiated prior to the beginning of mediation and are typically divided equally between the two parties.

How long does mediation take?
Mediation is a short-term process. Mediating a complete divorce agreement averages about 6-10 hours. Some cases are completed in one, 2 to 3 hour session.

Are there standards of professional conduct for me
The Mediation Center strictly adheres to the codes of conduct of the Academy of Family Mediators and the Colorado Council of Mediators.

Does mediation eliminate the need for an attorney?
We at The Medaition Center have extensive training on family law in Colorado. However, mediators cannot provide any legal advice, only legal information. Parties are encouraged to seek their own independent legal advice if they feel it is needed. We can provide a list of competent family law attorneys in the area.

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