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Testimonials (including some sample letters from grateful clients)

"The best $2,000 we have ever spent."
(March, 2022. Couple who gave up on their lawyers after years of litigating and reached their separation agreement by mediating on zoom two months later)

Recipient of the First Annual John Adams Fiske Award for Excellence in Mediation, Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation (2005).  


Massachusetts  Mediation Week 1999 Recognition Award to John Fiske "with appreciation for your long term, pioneering, and innovative work in divorce mediation." (1999). 


"Congratulations on the award you received. It is always a source of special pleasure when devoted, long-standing labors are recognized and rewarded. As a pioneer you should feel immensely pleased." Professor Frank E. A. Sander, Harvard Law School (1999)


"I well remember the dream you brought back from Nepal in the 70's. As one of two pioneers, all I can say at this point is I think we headed things in the right direction." (Chief Justice A. Podolski of the Probate and Family Court, 1989)  


"High on our list of things we have shared over the past 25 years of not being married is an abiding admiration for John Fiske, a most artful practitioner of divorce mediation, and the mediation process that saved (preserved?) our parenting relationship. * * * There are three simple, powerful operating principles that he offered us: trust, empowerment, respect....he modeled behavior, he coached us and he taught us how to use some new skills." Upheavals Do End: The Lasting Benefits of Divorce Mediation, Lisa Blout and William L. Blout, MCFM Family Mediation Quarterly, Summer 2004, pp. 17, 18


"To you John I give my heartfelt thanks. You were the only bright light in an otherwise very dark, traumatic process. When (wife) decided to bring in her lawyer I knew it was a mistake for us. It slowed the process way down and cost us both a lot of money. It retrospect, mediation with you was the only way for us to go. Your kindness, fairness, gentle but firm manner and professional expertise set a tempo and demeanor which should carry us forward as we work together for our children. Thank you for your expertise and for the honor of knowing and working with you." (husband, 1998)


"I will be more than happy to talk to anyone about the mediation process. Thanks, (wife). You did lots for us and got us together to move and discuss and finally to resolve. It was a big help. I am happy to be used as a reference any time. I'm not sure about a TV endorsement though!" (her husband) (1992)


"I am aware every day, John, of the love, skill, compassion and stamina that you showed us so consistently to (husband) and me. I think of you often with great affection. (husband) and I are getting along better than we have in many years. (husband) sent us some extra money at Christmastime this year, and we are sharing a trip to Disney World this month with the children (he goes the first half of the week, I go the second). This arrangement may sound a bit weird, John, but I know you appreciate what huge progress this is." (wife, 1995)


"Thank you very much for your assistance. I really appreciate how fast you prepared our agreement for us. It is comforting to work on such an emotional issue with someone as professional and compassionate as yourself. I have also come to the conclusion with your help that Upheavals DO End." (husband, 1997)


"Just in case you do not know how much I appreciate the opportunity to observe the most fantastic mediator practice his craft, I wanted to write to you this truth. I feel honored and privileged to watch. How you introduce mediation, how you change topics, when you do so are all arts that you demonstrate time and again in each session. My way will be easier to find after having witnessed all the options you have laid out for me." (mediation trainee, 2000)


"You exude such a positive and strong life-force that I am sure has helped many like myself get through this painful process." (husband, 2001)


"There is no better ambassador for the value of mediation in helping courts to deliver better justice than you. You've been a champion of the importance of ADR in the courts for many years, and have played an important part in helping us to appreciate its value too." (Superior Court Justice, 2001)


"The day we walked out of your office I felt as if the largest of the many stones I'd been carrying on my back had been lifted--thanks to you. You're a good man, Mr. Fiske." (husband, 2001)


"I feel fortunate that we used your services as we are both very strong-willed and were worried about a peaceful outcome where we can remain friends and do the right thing for our kids. Mediation works and you were a master at getting the important matters resolved." (husband, 2001)


"Thank you for all your assistance. I'm your biggest booster and am spreading the word!" (a lawyer and husband, 2002)


"I wanted to thank you and to tell you how fortunate I feel that you were there to help (husband) and me through our divorce. It was a miracle that it went so smoothly. You are a fantastic person and it shows through in the quality of help you give others." (wife, 2002)


"An amazing event occured yesterday. (wife) and I signed our Separation Agreement! We are both so relieved to have it behind us. After years of negotiation, we finally staggered across the finish line. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great patience and wisdom in guiding this process. You are truly gifted in what you do. Your skill and vision made this possible. We will always be grateful for your fine efforts." (husband, 2003)


"I just wanted to thank you so much for your grace and assistance in our process. There are a few moments I have had in 60 years that rank up at the top and our first meeting had moments of great kindness and voice that I will remember and cherish as the bittersweet moments of life touch us. Thank you for your caring and being. You made this process a gift." (husband, 2003)


"The whole experience of separating every aspect of our entwined lives was very difficult. I'm thankful that we had you as our mediator rather than having duelling lawyers! Please know that you are making a very positive difference in this world." (wife, 2004)


"Please accept my great thanks for all your skill, patience and wisdom during our divorce mediation. It was a tremendous help to have the benefit of your insight and guidance during a very difficult and protracted process." (wife, 2005)


"We only wish you could have handled our divorce. It would have made it a lot less painful. " (wife who used mediation with her ex-husband to amend their divorce agreement, 2011)


"Thanks again for our wonderful help and insight.  It was a great experience working with you." (wife, 2013)


A Good Note to End On

"We certainly miss you, but not seeing you sure means life is GREAT! The year has been awesome for us, and we are so grateful your steady hand, warm heart and calm throughout helped us to realize how wonderful our life together is! We love you." (husband and wife, who decided to stay married after all)



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