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Description of Services and Fees
Mediation Services
Our focused, facilitative mediation model allows participants to craft their own solutions.  The mediator's emphasis is on empowering clients to solve their own problems with the active involvement of the mediator.  The mediator assists clients to define issues, discuss interests, explore options and generate solutions.  This process can be used in disputes involving two parties or multiple parties.  The final outcome of mediation is a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the agreements reached in mediation.
Training Services

Resolution Resources of Colorado provides training and program development services for businesses, school systems, nonprofit organizations and the courts. We provide training in the areas of child protection mediation, family mediation, organizational problem solving and school based conflict resolution, violence prevention and mediation.   Mike Maday, owner and principal mediator and trainer with Resolution Resources of Colorado, conducts most of these trainings programs.  Additional trainers are available to address specialized issue areas and for large group seminars. 

Practice Areas 

Divorce, disability, child protection, civil and educational systems mediation services. Negotiation, mediation and violence prevention training for businesses, schools, child protection agencies, nonprofits and the courts. We also provide technical assistance in developing mediation and violence prevention programs for these systems.

$90.00 per per party per hour for mediation services.  Generally, each party pays their own fee. A flat fee of $90.00 is also charged for each party's individual mediation intake session. Other payment arrangements are available in specific cases.  Additional fees may apply for multiple party cases and for large group mediations.

Training and consulting fees are negotiable and dependent on the type of training provided and number of participants.  Contact us to discuss training needs and costs.

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