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Jerry Weiss has mediated a wide variety of disputes during the past 20-plus years including business and commercial, construction, employment, securities, tort and professional negligence disputes.  Besides mediation, he also provides various ADR services to a regional and national clientele such as summary jury trials, litigation support, analysis and independent resolution counsel for parties in litigation, business, and workplace disputes. As a mediator, Jerry has a track record of experience and success in facilitating resolution in various kinds of disputes including:

--    Age Discrimination

Fair Labor Standards Act

-- Family and Medical Leave Act

Federal Employer's Liability Act


Fee Disputes Among Professionals


Gas/Oil Disputes
-- Injury and Tort
-- Insurance Coverage
-- International Commercial Disputes
-- Invasion of Privacy
-- Labor Disputes
-- Legal and other Professional
-- Medical Malpractice
-- Product Liability 
-- Race Discrimination
-- Securities and Securities Fraud-
related Issues
-- Title VII/Gender Discrimination
-- Trade Secret and Proprietary
Information Litigation
-- Unfair Competition Disputes

Union Fund Investment Issues


Wage and Hour Disputes


Wrongful Death

-- Americans with Disabilities Act Disputes
-- Anti-Trust Litigation
-- Appropriation of Property Disputes
-- Banking and Lender Liability Issues
-- Breach of Fiduciary Duty Disputes
-- Business Dissolution
-- Class Actions
-- Commercial Disputes
-- Constitutional and Civil Rights Disputes including:
First Amendment,
Fourth Amendment,
Fifth Amendment
Ninth Amendment, and
Fourteenth Amendment
-- Construction Litigation
-- Contract Disputes

Duty of Fair Representation

-- Eminent Domain/Appropriation
-- Employment Contract and
Termination Disputes
--  Employment Discrimination
-- ERISA Disputes


Environmental Disputes


Estate, Wills and Trusts


Success in mediation is measured in many ways.  One yardstick is simply whether progress is made in bringing disputants closer together.  Another measurement is the percentage of cases that are actually resolved.  Follow-up and persistence are hallmarks of Jerry Weiss and his reputation for excellence.  These attributes contribute to an overall resolution rate approaching 90%.   
In light of the confidentiality and privilege surrounding each and every mediation and the desire of most parties and lawyers to maintain privacy, we do not publish names of the hundreds of lawyers, firms, institutions and disputants that engage our services each year.  Instead, we will be happy to provide names, upon request in representative subject matter, that represent the regional and national clientele that mediate with us.  Among the names are leading lawyers and public and private sector institutions and companies. 
Jerry Weiss’ entire practice is ADR-related and many of the best mediators in the region, who maintain private law practices, have turned to Mediation Inc to mediate their disputes.  Disputants and their representatives who have used our services agree that Jerry Weiss' skill, dedication and passion....all key elements of settling disputes....help them bring about meaningful and positive resolution.
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