Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Training

Nina provides customized courses, seminars, and presentations in the area of negotiation and conflict resolution. Presentations may be from 2-3 hours in duration, seminars are usually 1-2 days, and courses may be 4- 6 days, or longer, upon request. In addition, Nina teaches academic courses in all areas of negotiation and conflict resolution (28-40 hours depending on the institution's requirements).

See Training Calendar for current offerings.

Topic areas may include: 

  • The negotiation dance
  • The predictability of the distributive style of negotiation
  • The importance of opening offers
  • Dealing with tactics
  • Negotiating with highly competitive people
  • Gender issues
  • Cross cultural issues
  • Collaborative and integrative negotiation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Secrets to listening
  • Working with highly emotional issues
  • Mediating and negotiating in high conflict situations
  • Identifying sources of resistance to an agreement
  • Breaking impasse
  • Power issues
  • New brainstorming techniques
  • Creative problem solving strategies
  • The art and science of the apology
  • Enhancing durability of agreements


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Please utilize our contact sheet or contact our office at (805) 643-3543 for more information.