I "lived" with you over the past two days (three trainings), here in Minneapolis. All I can say is that you are the best presenter I've heard in over 4o years of practice. The bias section especially raised issues I never considered. The two days were riveting.  (Advanced Negotiation/ Cross Cultural Issues in Communication and Negotiation, Mediation Ethics)

"Come back, come back...or better yet move here. " (New Zealand Mediation Training)

"I have been going to trainings for over twenty years and have extraordinarily high standards. I am also a trainer myself. Nina (and this training) exceeded those standards. (Strategic Negotiation) 

In my 70 plus years I have been in more educational settings than I want to think about in at least three distinctly different disciplines, but I have never ever experienced a course that was as thoughtfully constructed or as brilliantly presented. It was beyond wonderful and although I am sure that you know how much your work is admired, I nonetheless wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your class. I cannot imagine a more appropriate and exciting introduction to a profession. Thank you. (Mediation)

"This (negotiation training) is the first training we have brought into our corporation. All other trainings have been in-house. Nina has now presented this training to multiple branches and multiple management teams over the past six years, and has consistently wowed her audiences. We are bringing her back for even more training for our group." (Negotiation/Cross Cultural Issues) 

"I could not imagine sitting and listening to anyone for forty hours so I almost did not register for this training. That would have been one of the biggest mistakes in my life. The training was informative, interesting, and interactive (the three "i's) and believe it or not, considering the subject matter, a lot of fun! I didn't have to drink coffee to stay awake - Nina's energy and enthusiasm is infectious!"(Divorce Mediation)

"Trainers always advertise "advanced training" and then it turns out to be a basic training. This has caused me a great deal of frustration over the past few years. Nina's course was full of practical, advanced techniques that I will use in my mediation practice and in my life."(Advanced Mediation)

"If you go to one training in your life, it should be this one!" (Gender and Culture)

"I have been a judge for twenty years and attended more continuing education courses than I would ever care to remember. I will remember this one forever - the best training I have ever been to."
Superior Court Judge, Tenn. - participant in 40 hour Mediation Training

"Dynamic, invigorating, funny and practical. When my organization told me that we were all going to a training, I thought I would be bored. Now, I can't wait until she comes backs for the advanced portion! Thank you!"
-Medical staff trainee (patient assistance training for medical group)

"I am a Nina "groupie." I have now been to three trainings (over twenty hours each), six workshops, two plenary sessions and I still want more. No, I am not a stalker - I just know good training when I see it."
- Mediator for over thirty years

"I don't know how she can keep a bunch of nurses and doctors totally captivated for two full days but she did...and we can't wait for more. She really 'gets' us!"
- Physician (customized training for medical group)

"This seminar is NOT the same old communications information you've heard before. Nina's unique insights operate almost like a modern-day Rosetta Stone; she can teach you how to more accurately "translate" the communications of people whose gender, culture, or age doesn't match your own, as well as how to modulate your own communication style to really be heard and understood by others."
Law firm partner (customized training)

"This presentation, by this presenter, was conceptually and philosophically powerful! Nina brough specific knowledge of who we are, what we do and applied key principles of the craft in a manner that elevated my thinking about how to be more effective. I gleened new ideas and potential approaches to situations left on my desk back at the office. Absolutely the best training ever presented in my fifteen years as CEO of this company."
Negotiation Training participant

"One of the best CLE presentations I've seen in 30 years as a lawyer."(Negotiation Training)

"Fantastic, fabulous, excellent, incredible, loved every minute."
Canadian participant in Children in Mediation Training

"It is an honor to have worked and trained with Nina."
Canadian Mediation Training participant




"Absolutely the best college class I have ever taken!"
Law school student

"Bring her back. It doesn't get any better than this!"
University graduate student - Advanced Negotiation class

"This professor is brilliant and has so much to offer her students at so many different levels. Her command of the subject matter is overwhelming extensive, but she is obviously dedicated to assuring that we have a good grasp of each and every concept. I could listen to her for hours, but she does provide an effective balance of lecture and interactive role-plays and exercises. She is an absolute hero for a fledgling mediator and yet so humble and personable. She seems genuinely interested in bringing along a new, well-informed group of mediators."
University graduate student - Cross Cultural Issues in Dispute Resolution

"This class has changed my life and made me a better person."
Masters student in Counseling program

"Approachable, friendly, unassuming but confident. She never uses notes in forty hours of teaching - it just flows from her like a life-force. Great stories, great interaction - I will take every course that she teaches at this university - even if I audit her after I graduate. "
Masters student in Dispute Resolution

"In all my sixteen plus years of college and graduate school I have never had a professor with as many qualities rolled into one person. Focused, friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, disciplined, directive, flexible, creative, fun...Thank you!
Masters student in Conflict Resolution

Nina is a compassionate professor who truly cares about her students. She helped me, a struggling professional, to find my "stride." She has so much life experience, practical knowledge and passion for what she does.
Masters student in Conflict Resolution

I can not believe that I sat through an entire week (42 hours) and never felt bored or fatigued. Nina has tremendous enthusiasm, boundless energy and a true respect for the work that she does. I feel enriched.
Masters student in Counseling

Pepperdine University has a number of exceptional professors. Nina Meierding is reported to be one of the best of that elite group and more than lived up to that billing. She is truly exceptional.
Masters student in Dispute Resolution