Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training

Nina Meierding provides a variety of mediation and conflict resolution trainings. 

Conflict Resolution Training

Nina provides mediation, advanced mediation, and conflict resolution training to courts, school districts, corporations, medical groups, organizations, agencies, and individuals. Nina uses a multi-module approach which means that the organization can customize their conflict resolution training based on their specific needs rather than a standard, "one size fits all" approach. Organizations can choose from such topics as: working with high conflict situations, moving through impasse, communication skills, the art and science of the apology, new models for brainstorming, cross cultural and gender issues, power imbalances etc. The duration of the training can be from several hours to multiple days, with follow-up training upon request.

Advanced Family Mediation and Collaborative Law Training

Nina provides advanced family mediation training in many areas; including but not limited to, gender and cultural issues, breaking impasse, high conflict, ethical issues, secrets to listening, advanced communication skills, dealing with power imbalances, working with attorneys in mediation, enhancing durability of agreements, and other current topics in the field of divorce and family.  Courses may be several hours to several days in duration and are customized to meet the needs of the group




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