Joseph Callahan

Joseph Callahan

Joseph Callahan is a third year student at Lewis & Clark Law School currently working at ICMresolutions as an ADR Associate.

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Articles and Video:

What if Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Reacted to Simon & Rhoades on Imperati on Bush and Folger! (09/01/15)
This article rebuts “Bush and Folger on Reclaiming Mediation’s Future” written by Dan Simon, Dusty Rhoades, and Vicky Rhoades for in 2015. Their article attempts to rebut my 2015 article, “Ironically, Bush and Folger are Evaluative,” which was itself a rebuttal to the 2014 Bush and Folger article, “Reclaiming Mediation’s Future: Getting Over the Intoxication of Expertise, Re-Focusing on Party Self-Determination.” There’s a whole lot of rebutting going on!