Sam Imperati

Sam Imperati

Sam Imperati, JD, is a North-West based, national provider of ADR services. Sam has been highly effective in resolving complex disputes, facilitating public policy issues, mediating multi-party cases, managing intense emotions, and training groups to help them navigate the intersection of logic and emotion. 36-year attorney. Appears in 2006 through 2016 editions of Best Lawyers in America. OSB and OMA Lezak awards for mediation excellence. Martindale-Hubbell’s AV Preeminent rating. Served as a Judge Pro Tem, Chair of the OSB ADR Section, member of the OSB Ethics Committee, Executive Committee member of the Portland Neighborhood Mediation Center, and currently serves on OMA Standards and Practice Committee. Plaintiff and defense, trial and appellate experience. Nike Assistant Corporate Counsel and private practice. Four mediation law review articles and engaging keynote speaker. Taught at Willamette University’s Atkinson School of Management and Lewis & Clark Law School. Mediation, Negotiation, Ethics, and Decision-making. BA, magna cum laude, University of Santa Clara; JD, UC Davis. Law Review. Judicial Intern - Ninth Circuit. 

Sam has taught decision-making, negotiation, and leadership at Willamette’s MBA Program, and environmental dispute resolution at Lewis and Clark Law School. He has provided numerous interactive decision-making, mediator skills, advocacy, dispute resolution, and diversity trainings. He is also an engaging and informative keynote speaker, who has written four law review articles on mediation. As a seasoned mediator/facilitator, Sam is accustomed to being a guest at the parties’ negotiation, working under deadlines, and collaboratively developing meaningful public involvement processes. His specific skills lie in his ability to organize a mass amount of information in a short period, synthesize it, present it clearly, and facilitate/mediate large, diverse groups of sophisticated and passionate stakeholders. He displays a tireless work ethic, models impartiality, has boundless energy, and gets the job done.

Sam graduated magna cum laude from the University of Santa Clara, and from the University of California at Davis, where he was a law review, volume editor. He co-authored two law review articles on environmental issues, was co-founder/editor of Environs, and was a judicial intern.

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Articles and Video:

Video Presentation: 50 Ways to Break an Impasse: Tips, Tricks, Traps and Tools (02/28/18)
Parties and advocates can flounder in the intersection of logic and emotion. This program will focus on “nuts and bolts” techniques for breaking impasse. Learn tips to dispense “reality therapy” and reach closure in the face of apparent impasse.

Traits of a 'Mediator' (10/03/17)
Although there are many intangibles in the definition of a “good” mediator, certain character traits are invaluable. It turns out that these same character traits may have other uses as well.

Ironically, Bush and Folger are Evaluative (11/21/16)
There is room in our field for a broad spectrum of mediation approaches. We should celebrate innovation and a greater diversity, rather than disparage the methods of others. This article rebuts Bush and Folger’s article: "Reclaiming Mediation’s Future: Getting Over the Intoxication of Expertise, Re-Focusing on Party Self-Determination."

What if Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Reacted to Simon & Rhoades on Imperati on Bush and Folger! (09/01/15)
This article rebuts “Bush and Folger on Reclaiming Mediation’s Future” written by Dan Simon, Dusty Rhoades, and Vicky Rhoades for in 2015. Their article attempts to rebut my 2015 article, “Ironically, Bush and Folger are Evaluative,” which was itself a rebuttal to the 2014 Bush and Folger article, “Reclaiming Mediation’s Future: Getting Over the Intoxication of Expertise, Re-Focusing on Party Self-Determination.” There’s a whole lot of rebutting going on!

Our Mediation Future (12/02/14)
I have practiced ADR since 1992. I look back fondly and forward enthusiastically with great hope. In thinking about “what from our past has worked best and should be brought forward and emphasized,” I decided to review two law review articles I wrote early on in my career. What follows is a summary of what I thought then. It will be followed by summaries of two articles about what I think currently. This article will then conclude with my half-formed or mal-formed thoughts about the future.

From Sam Imperati (10/14/13) is the best site in the field ... period. It provides timely and reliable up-to-date news and cutting edge analysis. I look forward to it every week and use it regularly as a “one-stop-shopping” resource. I routinely refer my clients to it so they can keep abreast of our fast evolving field. Here’s to another 500 issues!

From Sam Imperati (10/12/11) Weekly is the best of its kind for up-to-date coverage and cutting edge analysis. I look forward to receiving it and reading about our field from the various perspectives of its authors. It is an invaluable resource. The only missing topic has been an article on why mediators are all so darn good looking and intelligent! Here’s to another 400 issues.