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Caseload Manager Testimonials   

"The best cloud-based case management system available."

Justin Corbett, Executive Director
Natl. Assn. for Community Mediation, Phoenix, AZ

“I like Caseload Manager as it is accessible to me or an assistant from anywhere.  I immediately open it when I get a phone call.  All my notes, e-mails and case info are in one place.  I can easily send e-mails and frequently used documents without difficulty. For a small practice mediator, it’s become indispensible!"

Marietta Shipley, The Mediation Group of Tennessee
Nashville, TN

"The more complex your caseload, the greater the benefits of Caseload Manager."

Chip Coker, Executive Director 
Community Mediation Services, Eugene, OR

"Caseload Manager saves us time by providing real-time case management.  No matter where mediators are working, we can track our cases, our mediators, and the related documents easier with this than any other system out there." 
Brian Graunke, Director of Mediation Services
Mediation Works, Medford, OR

"The best part of Caseload Manager is that it is continuously improving, responding to changes in trends, the environment and technology. We also have complete control to make changes as our office and habits change. We can add fields, delete fields, and create templates.  The efficiency and effectiveness this program brings to our center has allowed us to place our attention where it's really needed--our clients!  Case Manager fits our office perfectly."
Jay Wilson, Family Mediation Specialist
Concord Center, Omaha, NE