Website Development Process

Congratulations on your decision to have a new custom design website developed by Mediate,com! In order to timely develop and deliver your custom design, here is a list of guidelines to follow to make for an easy and enjoyable website development experience.

The following is included with your custom design and website package order:

  • A custom website design to apply to all of your website pages
  • Your design is "mobile friendly" and effectively adjusts to full size, tablet and smart phone device sizes
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
  • We will move over desired existing content 
  • We will standardize your fonts site wide
  • We will help you to move and host your domain
  • Ongoing stats and analytics are provided by a third party source:
  • Your unlimted ability to edit utilizing your own website professional
  • Your ability to insert different widgets including but not limited to; appointment calendars, custom forms, blogs, social media links and much more
  • We will train you to manage and grow your website
  • Work with a single designer from beginning to end
  • We provide ongoing technical assistance anytime you hit a speedbump editing and growing your site

Optional Additional Development (costs more):

  • Logo Design
  • E-Commerce Package
  • Ongoing Site Content Management
  • Member Directory System

Now lets get to work!

A visitor arrives at your ADR website.  The first page loads. That screen, the first screen they see without scrolling, has the same real estate value as “above the fold” for newspapers.

This is your highest value screen real estate.  Make sure that it conveys the most valuable information about you!

What visitors see will either keep them on your site longer, giving you a full opportunity to consider your services, or have them moving on to a "competitor."

Your website’s top-screen real estate should answer four key questions immediately:

  1. What is this site? – Does your visitor have a clear idea where they have arrived? The first thing they should notice is your name. 
  2. Who are you? – You will find it easier to make a connection with your readers if you show them immediately who you are. Put a picture on your frontpage, and write an "about" blurb. 
  3. What is here? – Your need to feed your visitor before they wander away. First should be the content they came for. What do you think that is?
  4. Where next? – You have managed to get them to your website and they have explored your information? Now help visitors with useful links. What good stuff should visitors next read or do?  A newsletter sign-up is a great idea.  If you provide "off site" valuable links, we suggest opening those in a new browser tab. 

Website Development Process

1.  Overview

The custom design process generally takes 3-4 weeks (up to 3 generations of design).  In any event, we ask our clients to commit to working with us to complete your website within no more than 60 days.  

2.  Your Domain will help you to move your domain to our hosting platform. We are NOT responsible for your domain name registration fees nor for your domain renewal. It is very important that you stay on top of your domain renewals. It is best if you have a domain selected when you want to move forward with your custom website. We generally use the domain registrar to register domains and you can do this also.  Do NOT add any extra services along the way, just the domain name registration and we will then work with you to properly configure that name registration. 

3.    Design Elements

Fill out your preliminary website application HERE. If possible, be prepared to provide your logo, (we can also design for an extra fee), provide preferred color schemes and any other graphics that you may want included. It is often helpful to look around the web to find a few websites that you like to share with your site designer. Please also review our sample sites at for inspiration. 

4.    Schedule Your First Design Consultation

Call us at 541-345-1629 or email to schedule a time for your initial design consultation. Just let us know a couple of good days and times for a first design conference.  This conversation generally takes 15-30 minutes.

5.    The Design Process 

After your initial design consultation, we will develop a first custom template for you to consider in approximately one week.  We will then review this first design and make all of your desired improvements.  This will yield a second design, which often works for clients.  We do include up to 3 generations of design as part of our standard custom design process (up to 5 hours of development). Additional generations of design are charged at the rate of $175/hr.

6.    Your Website Training

Once your website design is complete, it is time for you (or your assistant) to become fully trained on how to use your website system to update your pages. As we get close to completing your site, we will schedule a time for you to have a full tour of the website control system. 

7.    Your Website Content

Website content is our client's responsibility.  Review your favorite sites for inspiration and begin to think about what content you would like to display. Create some documents that you can provide to your designer. It is also the responsibility of the client to review their website for accuracy upon completion. . 


Thanks for your attention and for working with!  

Please email or call 541 345 1629 with any questions.