Wawra Dispute Resolution

Steven Wawra

Restore Communications and Heal Dysfunctional Teams

Communication breakdown can occur whenever there has been a dynamic in a family, business or organization where misperception, mistrust, lack of respect, gossip and recriminations have occurred. The following pragmatic facilitated steps are used to untangle the dynamic which has built up over time:

  • Discussion with each participant in private about the issues which are at the root of the communication problem. Steve listens at length until he fully hears and understands the perspective of the participant and then shares tools that will enable a positive discussion with others. 
  • All participants are called together to meet in a place where a fully focused effort can take place, and Steve leads a discussion in a way that will allow each one to tell how actions, statements and other perceived mistreatments have affected that person.
  • Ground rules are established so that the conversation takes place in a respectful manner and statements are not addressed in a way to blame another. Rather the conversation is structured so as to say how these actions, non-actions, and statements have affected the speaker. Saying how something has affected the speaker personally cannot be challenged. It is the speaker's perception.
  • As feelings are fully aired and then acknowledged by the other party, an understanding of the person's viewpoint takes place. As each person takes his or her turn to tell their issues, perceptions on both sides are changed and understanding all around develops.
  • If not total agreement with the other person's position, at least an understanding and respect for their position is achieved. A relationship and trust can then be re-established based on this foundation and communication between the parties can once again take place.
  • Family members can talk to each other again, family businesses can function again, and morale and attitudes will become positive in organizations. Conflicts can be discussed and resolved in a new open-commuication atmosphere. 

Please click on the tabs above to learn more focused information about the ways Wawra Dispute Resolution can resolve the communication issues in your family, family business or organization. Please click on the tab "About Steve" which provides information on his background and training related to communication coaching and re-establishing relationships.

Please contact Steve for detailed information regarding the process of healing dysfunctional teams. A packet of information is available for a full description.

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