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Nanny/Family Mediation

Nanny/Family Mediation

Unresolved conflicts between parents and nannies are the number one reason nannies leave their jobs and parents terminate the services of nannies. Most of the time, these conflicts can be resolved before they become destructive to the nanny/family relationship. But if there is no intervention, tension builds, communication breaks down, assumptions are made and the nanny or parent chooses to end the relationship rather than deal with the increasingly difficult situation. This decision to sever all ties is rarely what either side really wants.

If you would like to effectively address the issues between you and your nanny, please contact me. The relationship between a nanny and the employing family is a unique blend of family dynamics and employee/employer issues. My experience in both family mediation and workplace mediation provides insight into the nanny/family relationship and I can assist you resolve the conflicts you face and strengthen your working relationship.

Why wait until a crisis develops?

Contact me to discuss my qualifications and how we can work together.

The communication workshop "Can We Talk? Opening Lines of Communication" is an excellent seminar teaching families and nannies conflict resolution and problem-solving skills that will enhance working relationships.



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