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This Week in Mediation #933

May 11, 2022 - OUR 27TH YEAR!
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In This Issue:
Marital Mediation: Where Are We Going? • The War in Ukraine: Lessons for Mediators • The Avoiding Culture in Organizations  • Empathy In Toxic Partisan Pandemic-Based Conflicts: How Organizational Strategy Can Help Us Do Better • Job Postings • Events Calendar • Blogs

The War in Ukraine: Lessons for Mediators
by Kenneth Cloke
Every defeat in every war is a tragedy, not merely for the nations, factions, and citizens of countries who have died or been conquered, but for each and all of us everywhere – and not just abstractly, but as very real, very personal losses.

Marital Mediation: Where Are We Going?
by Susan K. Boardman
This article addresses the need for further study to help more clearly delineate the process of Marital Mediation from Marital Therapy, and perhaps help MM become more widely known as a legitimate process and therefore utilized as a first attempt at healing the relationship. Announces the Public Launch of our New Online Dispute Resolution Platform:
by Colin Rule, Jim Melamed, Clare Fowler
Our new platform combines the functionality of and, creating the most powerful and secure ODR system in the world!

The Avoiding Culture in Organizations
by Ralph Kilmann
Many organizations seem to have a strong avoiding culture, which can best be investigated with a specific change in TKI instructions.

Empathy In Toxic Partisan Pandemic-Based Conflicts: How Organizational Strategy Can Help Us Do Better
by Lucas Smart
This article examines what the impact of the COVID impact has been on our culture--what can we learn from this to prevent conflict going forward?


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  • May 13 - ONLINE OK - Advanced Mediation Training
  • May 16 - ONLINE TX - 10 Hour Basic Arbitration Training
  • May 18 - ONLINE TX - 10 Hour Advanced Arbitration Training
  • May 18-20 - ONLINE ON Canada - Advanced Family Mediation (21 Hours)
  • May 20-22 - Palm Springs CA - Family Mediation Institute 2022
  • May 24 - ONLINE NY - Adding Mediating to Your Career: How to Get Started
  • May 27 - ONLINE - Intro to Online Mediation
  • May 31-June 25 - ONLINE CA - Conflict Resolution & Mediation Skills Training
  • June 1-17 - ONLINE MA - APFM-Verified Divorce Mediation Training
  • June 4-18 - ONLINE CA - Community Boards "The Basics of Mediation"
  • June 5-27 - ONLINE NJ - 40-Hour Civil Mediation Training - NJ
  • June 6-7 - ONLINE - Family Specialist
  • June 7-9 - Dallas TX - Family Mediation Training (30 Hours)
  • June 13-17 - Kinshsa Gombe Republique Democratique CONGO - THE FIRST ANNUAL CONGO MEDIATION SUMMIT
  • June 13-16 - ONLINE TX - 40 Basic Mediation Training
  • June 14-30 - ONLINE MA - Elder Mediation Training
  • June 20-July 12 - ONLINE - Conflict Management Coaching Workshop (Virtual)
  • June 27-29 - ONLINE TX - 30 Hour Advanced Civil/Advanced Family Mediation Training
  • June 29-July 15 - Tucson AZ - 42-Hour Basic Mediation Training (in-person training)
  • July 9 - ONLINE MT - Role-Play Workshop - 3 Hr Role Play & Negotiation Exercise
  • July 25-26 - ONLINE TX - 20 Hour Child Protective Services Mediation Training
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