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Divorce and Separation Mediation
The goal in divorce mediation is to help divorced parents create a "good divorce" by helping them to focus first on the needs and interests of the children and providing a positive environment for their children in both homes. Good divorces are created when both parents provide for the needs of the children and the level of cooperation and respect between the parents is high. Even in the most difficult of disputes, we believe that most parents can find common goals and understanding which can lead to good divorces. We have extensive training in family dynamics, child custody arrangements, child development, children's temperment dimensions, domestic violence, and all areas of family law.

The Mediation Center provides an expert and experienced mediator for divorcing or separating couples to assist them in negotiating dicorce settlements, separation agreements, and important family decisions.

In mediation, divorcing or separating couples work with an impartial mediator to construct agreements that feel fair to all parties and that take their interests and the interests of their children into account.

It is the role of the mediator to provide an environment that is safe and structured to ensure the best opportunity for effective communication and fair negotiations to occur.

The mediator facilitates the process to enable both parties the opportunity to speak and be understood, to complete the process in a dignified manner, and to do so in a timely manner.

Divorce and Separation:

Typically, courts do not offer what most parties truly need during this emotionally difficult time. Most experts agree that mediation is best suited to assist divorcing couples design the terms of their divorce. Certainly, children fare much better when their divorcing parents work together in a colloaborative manner in mediation rather than creating a battle in court. Mediation often helps couples establish a basis for their future relationship as co-parents.

Mediation is an effective and economical way to address and resolve the issues that divorcing or separating couples must deal with. These issues include:

* Parenting Plans, including school year, summer, holiday, and vacation schedules, travel and transportation arrangements, and parental decision making.

* Division of Property and Debt.

* Child Support.

* Other Children's Costs, such as child care, insurance, activities, and education.

* Spousal Support.

* Taxes

* Dealing with Future Disputes.

* Communication Issues.

Other Family Mediation
Elder Issues: Structured family meetings to assist in planning and determining the elements of wills. Make decisions about the care of an elderly family member. Resolve contested wills.

Property Disputes: Make family decisions on the disposition, division, sale, or management of family property.

Family Business Disputes: Determine important decisions, deal with changing partnership arrangements, clarify working roles, resolve disputes.

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