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Confidence in Conflict: Three Methods to Resolving Conflict Without Losing Your Cool

(5/16/22)Denise French

In coaching we often suggest clients that they “keep Amy in the backseat” when you’re in a conflict. We are referring to your Amygdala.

Marital Mediation: Where Are We Going?

(5/09/22)Susan K. Boardman

This article addresses the need for further study to help more clearly delineate the process of Marital Mediation from Marital Therapy, and perhaps help MM become more widely known as a legitimate process and therefore utilized as a first attempt at healing the relationship.

7 Tips for Parents Talking to the Kids About Divorce or Separation

(5/09/22)Joy Rosenthal

This article discusses breaking the news to the kids.

Conflict - Like a Dance? Really!

(4/30/22)Cinnie Noble

“Like a dance, conflict escalation generally requires the participation of both parties.” Brian Mistler

Mediate University Course Bundles


Here are Mediate University's Course "Bundles" to help you best and most affordably accomplish mediation basic and advanced training online.

Invisible Rules and Conflict

(4/22/22)Lorraine Segal

Invisible rules can lead to conflict.

What Are the Benefits of Mediation When Getting a Divorce?

(4/22/22)Alice Garcia

Divorces tend to be difficult and costly. In complicated situations, mediation can be an alternative that reduces conflict and helps settle differences.

Parenthood Changed My Conflict Style

(4/17/22)Laura Bowles

There is a principle in Style Matters that I hope to expand on as my children mature:  Make reflective conversation about conflict responses a routine part of life. 

The Complete Seven Keys to Unlock Mediation's Golden Age


This seminal compilation of "Seven Keys to Unlock Mediation's Golden Age" is now available for FREE! This is a work by 40 authors from around the world brought together for's 25th Anniversary Conference.

Why are You and Your Sibling Fighting Over Your Parent's House?

(4/04/22)Kamela Love

Your sibling is arguing with you everywhere you turn, demanding things be done a certain way, the way she/he wants. Sound familiar?

Inside the Mediation Room with Michael and Karen Aurit - Guest Bill Eddy

(3/31/22)Bill Eddy, Karen Aurit, Michael Aurit

This is the second episode of Michael and Karen Aurit's video podcast "Inside The Mediation Room," devoted to hearing stories and insights from some of the world's most experienced mediators and dispute resolvers. In this episode their guest is Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq., who developed the high conflict personality theory to explain the driving forces behind people who present the most challenging behaviors.

Smith. Rock. Slap. Play safe, in conflict.

(3/29/22)Peter Singer

As a professional, you’ve likely experienced workplace interactions, team meetings, broader organisation information sessions or even fun celebrations in which a delicate turning point in an interaction unexpectedly surfaces.

Will Smith: For the Love of Your Spouse

(3/28/22)Sherry Ann Bruckner

What do you say when you feel someone disrespects your spouse?

A Better Understanding of Premarital Mediation

(3/24/22)Amanda Singer

This article discusses important conversations to have before a marriage to prevent conflict.

LGBTQ Marriage, Divorce, and the Benefits of Mediation

(3/24/22)Mary Salisbury

Even though the Supreme Court ruling was a significant legal step for LGBTQ couples, the date of marriage may still not be legally clear and thousands and thousands in legal fees could be spent only to find there is no definitive legal answer.

Four Tips from my Difficult Discussion with Dad about Driving

(3/24/22)Janet Chance

Difficult Discussions are labeled difficult because they are filled with emotion and make us uncomfortable. These tips can help you show up as your best self. Podcast Episode 16: Moving from Combative to Collaborative

(3/22/22)Veronica Cravener

The Podcast, hosted by mediator Veronica Cravener, covers everything in the world of mediation. Episode 16 focuses on the importance of mindset when moving from "combative to collaborative." Offers New Family Dispute Resolution Training!

(3/15/22)Clare Fowler, Colin Rule has launched a revolutionary new Family Dispute Resolution Training. This article discusses the factors that led to the making of this new training, including accelerated practice, acceptance of online learning, advances in technology, supporting ownership, and appreciating diversity.

Do You and Your Unmarried Partner Need a Cohabitation Agreement?

(3/07/22)Amanda Singer

More and more, I hear of couples who are choosing to live together and even have children together without ever getting married.

What is Marriage Fraud?

(3/07/22)Marian Grande

When you marry someone from another country, many different laws come into play, including family and immigration laws.

4 Ways Custody Mediation in Australia is Unique

(3/07/22)Ben Coltrin

If you have a custody disagreement in Australia, you should be aware of four distinctions in how the country handles mediation because you are highly likely to find yourself in front of a mediator.

Mediation and Relationship Therapy - Analyzing Ted Lasso

(3/07/22)Bob Bordone

This video analyzes mediation and relationship therapy.

California Divorce Mediation Checklist

(2/25/22)Leyla Balakhane

This article asks What Is Important When Starting Your Divorce Case?

Advantages of Virtual Mediation

(2/25/22)Marian Grande

Given the pandemic, virtual mediations seem to be more popular these days. Likely, online mediations are here to stay.

Inside the Mediation Room with Michael and Karen Aurit - Guest Don Saposnek

(2/22/22)Donald T. Saposnek, Karen Aurit, Michael Aurit

This is the first live podcast: "Inside the Mediation Room with Michael and Karen Aurit - Today's Guest: Don Saposnek

How to Coach Yourself Before Custody Mediation — for free

(2/18/22)Ben Coltrin

Some parents hire a coach to help them prepare for mediation. You can save money by coaching yourself. Take these four steps before your first custody mediation session.

“My Story” Featuring Hon. Randa M. Trapp (Ret.)

(2/18/22)Randa M. Trapp

Judge Trapp joined JAMS after serving 18 years on the San Diego Superior Court, including 10 years in the civil division, where she presided over all aspects of civil litigation.

Privileged Remarks

(2/16/22)Michael Diliberto

Nondisparagement clauses are commonly used in settlement agreements. Some clauses are simple one-liners, while others are more detailed. This article examines Olson v. Doe (2022) 12 Cal.5th 669 where the Supreme Court of California discussed how to determine the scope of a simple nondisparagement clause.

Do Dads Matter?

(2/11/22)Michael Jacobs

The Challenge of Mediating ‘Normal’. This is a potentially risky article to write.

Married Mediators: Marilyn McKnight and Steve Erickson

(2/07/22)Stephen Erickson, Marilyn McKnight

An interview with Marilyn McKnight and Stephen Erickson about the origins of family mediation, their different conflict styles, and the future of conflict resolution. Recorded and shared as part of the Mediation 2020 Conference.

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