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Mediation: The Civilized Alternative

If you think mediation is just for “nice people” who “get along,” think again. There’s a reason it’s called “conflict resolution.”

In fact, the people who benefit most from mediation are high conflict people. Mediation provides a way for people to work through their differences and get to the solution to the problem. A skilled mediator facilitates the process so that the parties are fully heard and involved in reaching a satisfactory resolution. People who go through mediation report a very high rate of satisfaction with the process, regardless of the result!

Mediation is about self-determination, about making informed decisions. The parties own the outcome – it is not “handed down” by a judge.

Mediation is private, dignified, and cost-effective.

Jerald A. Kessler is a professional mediator based in Libertyville, Illinois, with additional offices in Northfield and the Chicago Loop. He provides mediation and legal services to clients throughout the Chicago area, especially in Lake County and the North Shore Suburbs. He is best known as a divorce mediator, but his services are highly sought for all kinds of conflict resolution, regardless of the nature of the case or legal dispute.  If you are in the midst of a divorce or involved in a serious conflict that needs resolution, and would like to avoid the time, expense, stress – and sometimes futility – of litigation, call Jerald Kessler to find out how his mediation services can help you.

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