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Colin Rule Announces Launch of New Online Dispute Resolution Platform:

(5/09/22)Colin Rule, Jim Melamed, Clare Fowler

This new platform combines the functionality of and, creating the most powerful ODR system in the world!

Michael Jacobs

Do Dads Matter?

(2/11/22)Michael Jacobs

The Challenge of Mediating ‘Normal’. This is a potentially risky article to write.

Veronica Cravener

Introducing the Podcast

(10/01/21)Veronica Cravener, Colin Rule

We’re excited to finally share the news: we’ve launched a new Podcast, hosted by our good friend, mediator Veronica Cravener! 

Forrest (Woody) Mosten

Forum on Final Report of Task Force on Online Mediation

(9/28/21)Forrest (Woody) Mosten, Clare Fowler, Jim Melamed, Colin Rule

This is a 90 minute video and resources from the Final Report of Task Force on Online Mediation. This video forum features Woody Mosten, Colin Rule, Clare Fowler, Jim Melamed, Tara Ollapally, Bruce Edwards, Donna Silverberg, Susan Guthrie, Angelia Tolbert, Michael Aurit, Tricia Jones, Michael Lang and John Sturrock.

Colin Rule Adopts Online Mediation Practice and Ethical Standards

(9/21/21)Colin Rule, Jim Melamed

One of the Primary Recommendations of the Task Force on Online Mediation is to update mediation practice and ethical standards to fully embrace online mediation. In response, has now formally adopted the Task Force's Recommended Practice Standards for Online Mediation effective January 1. 2022.

Colin Rule

Mediate is Top Ranked Mediation Website

(4/15/21)Colin Rule is ranked the top mediation website by Alexa in its April 14, 2021 global website rankings. In business since 1996, has over 25,000 searchable mediation articles, blog posts, news items and videos and hosts the most utilized mediator directory in the world.

Colin Rule

Getting the Most from

(2/23/21)Colin Rule

This PDF presentation from CEO Colin Rule reviews available Mediate content, resources, and services to help you develop and promote your mediation services.

Forrest (Woody) Mosten Announces Task Force Executive Committee and Advisory Board to Support Online Mediation Training

(11/02/20)Forrest (Woody) Mosten, Jim Melamed

Jim Melamed, Board Chair of, has announced the establishment of a blue-ribbon Online Mediation Training Task Force, to be headed by Forrest R. (Woody) Mosten, to make recommendations on best practices and possibilities for both generally training mediators online and training mediators to perform online mediation. The Task Force Executive Committee and Advisory Board have now been named.

Jim Melamed

Comparing Mediation Websites

(8/17/20)Jim Melamed

According to brand new 8/16/2020 data from, is most visited and most linked mediation website, by far! ZZZZZ Launches MediationExpress Online Mediation Service

(6/30/20) has launched an affordable and confidential online mediation service for property, eCommerce and workplace disputes. Participants keep full decision-making control and can get started for only $99. ZZZZZ

Online Dispute Resolution Pioneer Colin Rule Named CEO

(6/13/20) announced today that Colin Rule has been named President and Chief Executive Officer. Jim Melamed, the company’s co-founder and CEO for 25 years, is now chair of the board and general counsel. ZZZZZ

How to Get the Most Out of for Free

(4/13/16) offers a remarkable set of resources and opportunities. Here is how you can get the most out of without paying a dime. ZZZZZ Offers New Responsive Site


With over 40% of website traffic now on phones, we are proud to announce our new mobile friendly website. Our new site brings each and every Mediate feature to your phone and tablet (as well as your computer). Critically, Mediate's new site also brings our geographically sensitive marketing features to all devices.

Jim Melamed


(4/02/14)Jim Melamed

After 18 years as CEO of, I know the answer to "Why" Our purpose from the beginning has been to both reflect and drive the development of valuable mediation services on a global scale.

Caseload Manager zzzzz

Caseload Manager Selected for Illinois Statewide Foreclosure Mediation Program Case Management

(3/15/14)Caseload Manager

RSI has selected “Caseload Manager” to provide online cloud-based case management services for approximately 10,000 annual Illinois foreclosure mediation cases. Caseload Manager is the world's leading secure, cloud-based ADR case management service that, according to CEO James C. Melamed, J.D., “allows the right people to see the right information.” ZZZZZ

Announcing Three New Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Websites


Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc. (RIS) and our flagship sites and are proud to announce the launch of three new online dispute resolution websites at:

The world of online dispute resolution is growing rapidly and at an accelerating pace based both upon purely online initiatives and because all mediators and arbitrators are now "online mediators and arbitrators." We all now use the internet extensively in nearly every case. We hope and trust that you will gain great value from our new ODR websites. ZZZZZ

Matt Phillips Is New NAFCM Executive Director


Please welcome Matt Phillips as NAFCM’s new Executive Director. Matt’s most recent role was as director of the Volunteers of America Dispute Resolution Center in Everett, Washington. He was also the Chair-person for the Resolution Washington’s statewide legislative committee that was involved in raising over $12 million for conflict resolution. ZZZZZ on Target to Reach 5 Million 2013 Visitor Sessions


In his annual report, Jim Melamed announces that, the world’s most visited mediation web site, is on schedule to achieve 5 million visitor sessions during 2013. Jim compares Mediate’s deep roots and contributions to the ADR industry to the emergence of questionable “opaque” directory services. Mediate’s 2013 Conference Schedule is also listed. ZZZZZ

NY: Gov Cuomo Assigns AAA To Mediate Hurricane Sandy Disputes


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced on February 25, 2013 that the Department of Financial Services has established a voluntary mediation process for homeowners disputing their insurance claims or dissatisfied with denials of their claims arising from Storm Sandy. “Mediation offers a speedy, low-cost resolution of insurance claims for homeowners who are unable to reach agreement with their homeowners’ insurance companies on claims from Storm Sandy,” Governor Cuomo said. “It is also much less expensive for insurers than litigation, so it’s a win for everyone.” ZZZZZ Announces Process & Professional Selection Tool

(1/26/13) is proud to announce our ADR Process & Professional Selection Too. The Selection Tool allows users of dispute resolution services to propose an ADR process and one or more professionals to "the other side." The other party is then able to respond either by selecting one of the proposed professionals, or by proposing another process or set of professionals. The Selection Tool is now a part of every Directory search. ZZZZZ

"Face to Face" Explores Restorative Justice - Jan. 9 & 10 Screenings in LA


The award-winning film “Face to Face” will screen on January 9 and 10 in Southern California. The Australian drama deals with the concept of restorative justice, in which a mediator is appointed to resolve conflicts and legal issues. Plaintiff and defendant confront each other in a controlled, guided situation. The benefits of such an approach are obvious: Swift justice, rather than a costly protracted trial in the criminal court system: Good for the plaintiff, good for the defendant, good for the taxpaying public. ZZZZZ

Announcing University

(12/19/12) is thrilled to bring our extensive library of video courses and resources to you now by online video streaming. This means that you are now able to enjoy our fine courses and resources immediately, at any location, and at a meaningfully lower price. There is no more convenient or affordable way to take care of your continuing education needs. ZZZZZ

Have You Seen The Movie?

(6/28/12), the most visited dispute resolution website on the planet, has released a new 3 minute video that explains how's online services help mediators get business. ZZZZZ Launches and Five Additional ADR Directories

(6/25/12) is pleased to announce the launch of and are also now joined by five additional ADR Directories! ZZZZZ

Peter Adler Honored by The Keystone Center


After serving as President of The Keystone Center for a decade, Peter Adler is soon leaving to return to Hawaii. An unauthorized, somewhat scandalous video honoring Peter for his service to Keystone and the world has leaked out and is "must see." This is a touching tribute to one of the world's true leaders, Peter Adler.

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