Caseload Manager Pricing for 2022

For Centers and Programs (organizations), following one free month, there is a one-time "Onboarding Fee" for System Design, Training and all Implementation Support. This fee also includes all advanced Caseload Manager modules. This Onboarding Fee is $1500.

For individuals, the one-time Onboarding Fee is $250.

Reporting: $50/month or $500/year for advanced QuickSight reporting. Many valuable formatted reports are included with Caseload Manager. There is also the flexible ability to export selected information to Excel. Custom reports can be developed on a quote basis.

Meeting Rooms: This allows offices to invite their clients into a dedicated room, where they can post messages, caucus, have private conversations, chat with the mediator/ombuds, create/edit/comment/accept agreements, and invite additional mediators or parties into their space. $1,000/year.

Caseload Manager clients (individual and organizational) then pay a monthly or annual subscription fee based upon your anticipated annual number of cases.

International Organizations Can Now Store Data in the EU!  We can now store your data in the EU (Frankfurt), including your organization's own dedicated data source and encryption key!

Following Onboarding, this is the chart for determining your monthly or annual Caseload Manager subscription pricing. This includes ongoing support, backup and ongoing archiving of all historic cases.

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Annual Number of New Cases - pay by month or year Price Per Month Price Per Year 
1-50 $50 $500 
51-100 $75 $750
101-250 $99 $990
251-500 $199 $1,990 
501-1,000 $299 $2,990 
1,001-2,000 $499 $4,990
2,001-5,000 $999 $9,990
5,000+                    Call for Custom Quote 541-345-1629    

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