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Selected Testimonials

The following are testimonials from clients of Dr. Victoria D. Coleman and The Coleman Group.

I met Dr. Coleman several years ago, and since that time, she and I have collaborated on various projects ranging from national presentations to working with juveniles.  She is intelligent, articulate, and possesses a sense of humor.  I have enjoyed my affiliation and look forward to future projects.
J.A.I., Nevada

Dr. Coleman has provided a positive, nurturing, informative voice in guiding me with my career goals.  Her style is laid-back and informal, but with a calm intuitive wisdom that makes me feel as though she knows me.  A real plus is that she always provides a solid answer or opinion to my questions and question marks, and in the process she highlights the positive over the negative.  She encourages me to take independent action and with her hunches helps me figure out what's best for me.
G.L., Texas

My career transition was seamless due to the efforts of Dr. Victoria D. Coleman.  She is very skillful in the areas of resume preparation and the job search process.
E.Y., Illinois 

As a colleague, Dr. Coleman is well respected internationally.  I have observed passion in her work and service delivery.  She has keen acumen in the area of critical thinking and analytical skills, always challenging individuals.   Dr. Coleman allows clients to become comfortable in their personal and professional environments.
P.T., Nevada

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