Sue Bronson Mediation Services

Custom Presentations

Sue Bronson’s training will offer a theoretical understanding of the work, provide the context to translate theory into practice, and stay focused on the heart of the matter. Sue provides clear structured information to demystify complex concepts and skills without oversimplifying. She challenges you to go deeper or see things from a new context, building on and integrating with the knowledge and skills you bring.

Sample Topics:

  • Effective Communication: changing the language we use
  • Can you hear me when I don’t speak? : Listening to body language
  • Leadership: Integrity as your guide
  • Stepping into the eye of the storm: Working with strong emotions
  • Family Entanglements: What you need to know
  • Advanced Group Facilitation Skills
  • Domestic Violence and Mediation

Sue conducts trainings for lawyers, judges, social workers, and therapists, psychologists, business leaders, and others who want to help people resolve conflict with dignity and respect.

Call Sue to discuss your needs and arrange for a custom presentation.