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It was good enough the first time that I came back for a second exposure - there's still more material there than I could absorb, AND the best presenters in the world!

I sent three students your way! 

The generosity of spirit and unrestricted sharing of their collective wealth of knowledge and techniques and resources, by Jim Melamed, Clare Fowler and Colin Rule, sets this course apart from any other. There is no ego in the environment they create and, as you participate, you feel the professional community emerging from their embrace. The last class session feels like a beginning, not the end, and you realize you are part of something profound in today’s world - be prepared to be exhausted and overwhelmed by the staggering amount of information and insight in this two weeks -and to come through it with the confidence to take the leap forward to creating your own niche In online dispute resolution.

So far I have had two extended-length courses from and have found them exceptionally helpful and well worth the money. The material is polished, the instructors are highly experienced mediators and great communicators, and the format is perfect for my learning styles. I look forward t o beginning my third extended-length course in two weeks.

This training provides excellent guidance, resources, and interactive practice to successfully use online tools for mediation.

Jim, Claire and Colin are truly knowledgeable and experienced groundbreakers in ODR and graciously provide a great deal of depth of material for those exploring this developing field, now made ever more relevant due to social distancing mandates.
This online mediation training was just what I needed to move my meditation practice from a brick and mortar operation to an online practice. Just what we need in these fast-changing times.
 No mediator should offer online mediation without this course.
 This was excellent training given the the situation the world presently faces.
The suggestion that this Training Course is only two hours a day over two weeks belittles the energy, information and experiential learning we received. Clare, Jim and Colin were experts at demonstrating how to translate our face to face skills to the virtual world, and to stretch our definitions as 'practitioners' in this space. They were responsive to our needs as a group and open to spending more time on challenging areas. The benefits of this course go beyond the learning we received; it was also an introduction to an International Network of Online Mediators. The timing of this course was excellent.

Overall, this training was amazingly comprehensive and uniformly excellent. The combination of very practical information with illuminating experiences made this training insightful and a catalyst for the participant's further development. The trainers were extraordinarily professional and demonstrated good humor and profound human understanding in these very challenging times.