March 2     Translating ADR Theory into Practice: Lessons Learned from a Career Devoted to Resolving Conflict, (plenary) Northwest ADR Conference, Seattle, Washington (in person)
April 25      Why Do We Lie? Understanding Motivations for Fibs, Falsehoods and Downright Fabrications and I Can't Believe You Said That! Working with Different Perspectives of Reality, full day, two part annual training for the Maryland State Bar Association, includes ethics credit (on-line)
May 30     The Art Of Mediation: Advanced Client Centered Strategies, plenary, International Academy of Mediators Conference, Seattle, Washington (in person)

June 8       The Art of Negotiation, Minnesota CLE (full day, on-line), Topics: 1) Advanced Skills in How to Promote Creative Solutions in Negotiation and Mediation; 2) Advanced Skills in Reality Testing Our Clients (and Maybe Opposing Counsel); 3) Improving Your Negotiation Results: Recognizing Seven Mindsets That Can Derail a Negotiation; 4) Lying: Who Does It, When and Why