All trainings are on-line unless otherwise indicated
March 16     Advanced Negotiation Skills:  Exploring the  Predictability of Competitive Bargaining, Seminar Partners (Canada)
April 17     The Power of a True Apology and Other Non-Monetary Interests in a Settlement Setting,  L’Institut de formation judiciaries (IFJ)/Instituut voor gerechtelijke opleiding  (Belgian Training Institute for Judges and Prosecutors)
April 20     Failure to Communicate: Miscommunication Across Genders and Cultures, Merrick Bank
April 27      Advanced Mediation Skills: Strategic Questioning, The Art and Science of the Apology, and Ethics Roundtable, Texas Education Agency Annual Training, 6 hours

June 1       The Impact of Culture on Communication and Negotiation, Minnesota CLE (bias credit)

June 1       Essential Ethical Considerations in Mediation, Minnesota CLE (ethics credit)

June 8       Advanced Negotiation Sills: Mastering Difficult Conversations and Intractable Negotiations Topics: 1) Asking the Right Question, the the Right Way, At the Right Time; 2)Overcoming Barriers to Resolution; 3) Understanding and Working with High Emotion and Volatility, Minnesota CLE, 6 hours 

June 28     Advanced Skills in Dealing with High Uncertainty Avoidance, Risk Avoidance and Situational Distrust, International Academy of Mediators
Sept 27     Mediating the Litigated Case, Day 3, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University School of Law.
Sept 29    Mediating with Highly Competitive People, Advancing Your Civil Mediation Practice, Indiana CME Update for Civil Mediators