Nina MeierdingCultural & Gender Issues in Negotiation & Mediation
with Nina Meierding The impact of culture and gender on negotiation and mediation poses challenges and opportunities for professionals. The goal of this 10-hour, 6-DVD seminar is to elevate your cultural competence in Negotiation and Mediation.


Cultural and Gender Issues in Negotiation and Mediation examines how culture and gender affect the way information is processed, communication and negotiation are experienced, power is exercised and understood, risks are evaluated, and decisions and agreements are reached. The focus of this course is on practical solutions and techniques for professionals to address these dynamics in effective and creative ways.


What you will learn:

  • High and low context cultures
  • Linear, sequential processing, and global processing
  • High and low uncertainty avoidance and risk tolerance
  • Individualistic and collective cultures
  • Social customs and their impact on negotiations
  • How to address power imbalance in culturally appropriate ways
  • The use of body language and physical spacing
  • The use of language, including qualifiers and hedgers
  • Direct and indirect communication
  • Culturally appropriate concepts of apology, forgiveness and saving face

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